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In less than two months, I will be photographing a sweet, sweet baby girl that will be born to Jessi and Brad.  But today, as they are eagerly awaiting her arrival and preparing for her, I got to photograph this couple again to capture mom’s baby bump and the love that they share for Elyza and for one another.  I was their wedding photographer in July 2009 and it was so good to see them again this July for our maternity shoot.  Jess is just as gorgeous pregnant and she was the last time I photographed her on her wedding day.  Happy Anniversary to you two!  And enjoy the next month and a half as a family of two before you are a trio.  That little girl is going to rock your world!  I can’t wait to meet her, too!


Lily . . . Lily, Lily, Lily . . . you are just too cute!  This little gal just celebrated her 1st birthday and she is every bit of an active toddler.  She has her big sister, Iris, to keep up with, and as you can see, they are a cute pair.  Lily was even willing to share her little smash cake with big sis . . . or actually, big sis was willing to just jump right in there and get some cake when she saw the opportunity arise.  :)  I loved seeing these two again!  Iris has come to know me, since I have photographed her since she was a baby, and Lily just took right to me and wanted me to pick her up and hold her . . . that kinda made me want to put my camera down and pick her up.  Reminds me of being at home with my own active one-year-old!  Thank you, you two, for a fun afternoon!


Last week, on one very humid July summer morning, these two little girls and I got started early (before it got even hotter) on a photo shoot at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens.  Little Kate just turned one, and big sister Maggie is such a good big sister.  She helped hold down a crawling-away baby sister, and helped try to evoke from smiles from Kate.  Enjoyed seeing you two girls again . . . Kate has grown a bit since her newborn session a year ago (which you can view at Newborn Kate.)


I am catching up on a little blogging from some sessions this summer, and couldn’t resist sharing these of adorable little Kenton.  Doesn’t he have phenomenal hair???  So handsome (or so beautiful, as we mamas would say.)  Here are a few (or a few times a few) of my favorites from his lifestyle newborn sesssion.




Contact me for more info or if you have any questions about these unique sessions, or to schedule your time for that evening! These will be mini sessions and will take place in the warm evening light. I love shooting these sessions and as a nursing mom myself these days, I love the idea of capturing in images that special time for you!

AND, your digital image that is included with this session will be made available to you during World Breastfeeding Week, August 1st-7th! (Any other add’l images purchased will also be made available then, but no add’l purchase is required . . . completely optional!)


Meet the Karakis’s . . . the whole crew was such a pleasure to photograph!  They (the grandkiddos and their moms and dads) were in town visiting their grandparents for he holiday, so a family portrait session was in order!  Here are a few of my favorites.  (P.S. Playing with these two older kiddos makes me miss teaching preschool and 1st grade . . . I just love this age, and these kids truly were a pleasure to play with and photograph!)


Now THIS was one fun and exciting session!  Kati and Jack are one of my former wedding couples, and I have also photographed both of their girls as newborns and babies.  So when they learned they were expecting a 3rd (and 4th) baby, I was so excited that they contacted me again.  This time, we photographed their Gender Reveal party.  During this party, their families gathered with them at their home and everyone together, at the same time, found out what if Kati and Jack should plan for pink, or blue . . . or both?!?  Take a look at the images below and enjoy!