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Happy Veteran’s Day and THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to all of the U.S. Service Men and Women that I know and love who are serving {Dustin Gibson, my step-brother, U.S. Army} and who have served {Mark Eikenberry, my husband, U.S. Navy ~ Robert Dietz, my grandfather, U.S. Army ~ John Roberts, my grandfather, U.S. Army ~ Charles Ledbetter, my grandfather, U.S. Navy ~ Nikki Gibson, my sister-in-law, U. S. Army ~ Paul Meyers, family friend, U.S. Army ~ Pat Sanford, family friend, U.S. Army} and to those that I don’t know, but that give of themselves for all of us.  A big hug of appreciation and love to you today on this Veterans Day!  Know that you are thought of especially today!

Newborn Lily | Alcoa Newborn Photography

Look at this precious little big baby!  She is soooo adorable!  I could barely wait to meet her when I heard about her arrival last week; her mama and daddy and big sister are established clients of mine and I have loved photographing Iris (big sister) and couldn’t wait to meet little Lily as well.  And just look at the cheeks on her . . . could you not just squeeze and kiss ‘em???  She weighed a healthy 9.5 pounds when she was born . . . I love it!  I hope to see her and Iris again in the near future; they are so much fun (well, Iris is so much fun and I just assume that little sister Lily will take after her :) and be the same!)

Lisa + R.J. | Maryville Wedding Photography

LIsa and R.J. tied the knot on 6.29.13 at a beautiful wedding ceremony at home.  I was honored to be a part of their day and to photograph all of the fun, hard work, love and emotion that goes into an at-home wedding.  It was a day that they celebrate with family and friends and truly shared their joy with them.  Congrats, you two, and thank you for choosing me to photography all your special moments!

And just for fun . . . me and my assistant and friend, Liza.  :)

Anneliese | Three Months

I just love, love, love this girl!  She just cracks me up with her “morning stretches” (see bottom photo) and I want so badly to remember how cute she looks while doing it, how her round little rump looks so squishy and soft in her little pjs, how her little fists get all balled up as she stretches her hands sooooo high to the ceiling, and how she just holds that pose for a minute or two while just looking around the room or looking at you.  I. love. it.  Got the camera out and photographed it so that I could always remember, as I know these moments are fleeting and will pass.

At 3.5 months in these photos, she is quite the growing girl!  She just may have a chubby little tummy on her.  And a couple chins.  And I may just love her little baby skin; we spend a lot of time cuddling skin to skin.  Here are a few cuddle pics of us.  Our 8-year-old, Jordan, shot the pics of me and Anneliese (didn’t she do an awesome job doing so?) and I shot the ones of little A. and her daddy.

Newborn Maggie | Knoxville Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I LOVE shooting lifestyle newborn portrait sessions!  Especially since I had my own little new baby recently, I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at newborn lifestyle pics and just feeling what is going on in the images.  It is my goal to capture for moms and dads all of the emotion and love, and sometimes the funny moments shared between siblings, that go on in the home when a new baby has made his or her arrival.  I think that these images of little Maggie and her family do just that.  I so enjoyed meeting this family!

Lochlan’s First Day | Knoxville Newborn Photography

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting this little girl for a Baby’s First Day session.  She was a teeny little thing, weighing in at 6.5 pounds when she was born.  I’ll let the pictures tell you who she was welcomed by (hint, hint . . . he’s just a few years older than her.)  Enjoy these faves of mine from our hour together on her Day One of life.